Double Happy

Double Happy 3

Manages social doubles events

Double Happy is a software program designed as an organizer for various games or events such as tennis, bowling, badminton, table tennis and other activities that involve 2 pairs of partners playing against each other.

This program will generate a mix of players to be assigned for each round. Double Happy also has extra features which are changeable according to the events that occur in the actual game.

For instance, you can sort players based on different criteria such as gender and skill, remove players if they are resting or injured, add new players if the need arises or if add a court that becomes available.

An extra court feature can be added to the mix in this program. The rounds generated by the program can also be printed in advance for reference.

Double Happy is a flexible, efficient and easy to use tool which professional players, event organizers and others may use to manage different events.

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